Drumming Without Drums

Drumming Without Drums

How is it that rhythm is something that every body has, but not everybody feels? 

Drumming Without Drums is a five-session course for performers, non-performers, and all who wish to experience a deeper understanding of rhythm and more fluid connection to it.

We work with voice, movement, body percussion and simple archaic instruments to achieve a sort of polyrhythmic gnosis wherein rhythm is felt, understood, and created as a living entity. In short, to get out of the head and into the groove.

The work is non-academic, physical, and experiential, with enough theory to provide context, enough improvisation to encourage personal expression, and enough ensemble work to give it a fun and funky foundation. It is informed by the same sources that have informed indigenous musics for millennia- physical actions: (walking, breathing, blood circulation), environment: (desert, jungle, population centers), and emotional states (love, pride, narrative, sadness, joy, etc).

This work is considerably more portable and has broader applications than your typical drumming class. Instead of focusing on instrumental technique, participants learn ways of hearing, perceiving and doing that can be put to use in all of the performing arts in addition to every other art form, including, and especially, the art of living.