Odd Times for Musicians

Have you ever:

Found yourself mystified by beat structures that don't conform to standard 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 meters? OR: Wished that you could play in 7 without racing through an 8 with your fingers crossed? And thought- there must be a way to get a flow happening, to GROOVE?

Drumming Without Drums

Drumming Without Drums

How is it that rhythm is something that every body has, but not everybody feels? 

Drumming Without Drums is a five-session course for performers, non-performers, and all who wish to experience a deeper understanding of rhythm and more fluid connection to it.

Solo Gig!

Wednesday, May 4th at 8:00 pm, I'll be doing a solo set, opening for Barati Squad at Cross Club (Holešovice): an event LADEN with drums.